Saturday, March 16, 2013

Catch Up Time

Went to Scottsdale Good Guys show with the 51 Ford.  Got rained on, sleet, and hail.  Flooding occurred several times and temps were COLD.  Still Sunday was beautiful and we had a nice time.  Drive home was AWFUL between difficult drivers and a blown trailer wheel on passengers side I was extremely tired of the Phoenix area.

Finished in time my daughters cardigan for her birthday.

This is a Lions Brand pattern and the yarn is 85% Pima Cotton 15% Silk.  Nice texture.  Daugther's favorite color is green so hoping this sweater works good for her Specially since she is allergic to wool.

Meanwhile finishing up some of the "designs" I had on needles and took several others off knitting needles without finishing since they weren't working.

Happy St Pat's day, and Happy Spring.

1 comment:

Piter Turek said...

great sweater :)

I would like to buy such for my mother :)