Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Its isn't that I am busy but...

Okay looked at the last date I posted and winced.  I need to update with all the work I have finished from April 1 thru May 28th. so, here we go
From Boo Knits and Purlsensce Yarns UK came a "soak" kit yarn and a pattern called Mimosa This was made to celebrate Daughter's new job.

Puck made for a girl friend that only wears red, black, and grays.

Another Boo Knits heavily beaded.  
Out of darkness design by BOO KNITS, Yarn Dye for Yarn A Storm is Coming.  Beads from Fire mountain.  Made for Hot Rods By Dean Trish.

Cobweb design by BOO KNITS, yarn from stash, Made for Hot Rods by Dean.. Lisa who wanted "Clear" as her color.

progress picture of Use up the yarn.... right now thru may and probably June I haven't and won't work on it

Log Cabin design
Mustard Seed by BOO KNITS, Fyberspates Fairy Wing Yarn, and  4mm cubes from Fire Mountain.  Gift for a friend


Mother Of Dragons by Laura Smoot, Yarn Dream in Color Deep Sea Flower

Love in the Mists Boo Knits, Alcidina Yarns, another friends gift.

Ra & Apep design, Yarn Dream in Color, Its Native in Gold Experience.

Spirit of Friendship by Boo Knits, yarn Findley by Juniper Month
Mimosa by Boo Knits,  stash yarn no label, gift 

Other projects Elegant Leaves Fingerless Gloves.  Springtime for Naomi, Ocean Breeze yarns for June 21st cast on and of course with great delight

LOOPY EWE"S  Summer Camp.... I am in Glamper #4 doing the Cactus Flower design in honor of J A Jance.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Busy Month March

Mad Dash with the Stash Busters on Ravelry.

Afghan simple knit stitch with mohair, cotton, metal, eyelash, chenille, wool used 5602 yds.  

Bryce's Blanket all sock yarn 
3030 yds

 Brass &Steam adaptation for Brandy to use at a Steam punk Festival

Scarf for a friend

 So use up the yarn all remnants of sock yarn
 Charlie's Gift to his groomer New Beginnings by Boo Knits

 Steam & Brass Shawl made from Shalimar Breathless DK

 Done for Loopy Ewe Quarterly Challenge With Judy's Favorite Quilt yarn and Boo Knits Design "As you Wish" for Jessica

Total yards for Mad Dash 12,672 total March only yards 10,857

Thursday, March 06, 2014

February and Mad Dash begins

So February was divided into 2 different yardage counts, Ravellenic Olympics, Mad dash, etc. but I had fun isn't that what counts.
from 2/1 to 2/15 2,913 yards  of which  1,468 was from my stash.
from 2/16 - 2/28 1,815 yards of which 1,049 was from stash.  Total 4,728 yards for Feb or 2.68 miles

Pattern "Hogwarts Express" from Shibu Yarns purchased from Loopy Ewe made for Ravellenic Olympics

"Thistledown" design by Boo Knits, Yarn Faery Wings by Fyberspates. 

"Cobweb" design by Boo Knits,  Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy "Orchid" purchased from Loopy Ewe

Tutu Skirt in lace yarn with beads for the Granddaughter  Love the finished project but....didn't enjoy the pattern since it was for me a little boring.

Afghan #1 Metric Cross in sock yarn (Stash) in February got 15 squares completed need to make between 9 and 12 more square haven't decided.  On the other sock yarn afghan for Mad Dash  love the design and work on it at night watching TV with my Honey.

February was also busy since we went to Sacramento for a big deal car show.  Saw the Daughter, SIL, GD, and GS which was awesome.  Drove home and now we are relaxing.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

And on to 2 miles 242 yards of knitting Jan.

This was knitted for my SIL for the Loopy Ewe Material Mixer challenge (yes there are beads thru out the shawl) in Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in Chili color and tangerine beads size 6 by Miyuki pattern call Glitz on the Ritz.
Second Sun and Sand Shawl made with Art Yarns Silk ensemble Glitter and silk ensemble light for DD.
This is a lovely deep charcoal gray with burgundy hinted at and a light gray as compliment color.
This is same pattern Glitz on the Ritz done from a yarn grouping "Wicked Witch" that I had purchased as part of a Wizard of Oz sock group and never used.  There are black beads on top and tangerine beads on the bottom.  Made for my teenage niece.
First Sun and Sand shawl made in deep blues and Ink blue with silver Art Yarns.
Started this to began to use up the leftover sock yarns I have saved for years.  Then joined the Mad Dash (Queen of Hearts group) to knit as much as possible between Feb 15th and March 31st.  This will be my main project.  This group on Ravelry  is Stash Burn Down.

Also worked on a tutu skirt for Grand Daughter but haven't finished the last inch.  Decided late last night didn't like the first finished skirts look so ran a life line frogged the lace and began to do a different finish.  Still have 4 rows plus I am doing a picot bind off.  So, will post pictures in Feb. summary.

Joined Boo Knits Ravellenic Olympics 2014 group and I am doing the Thistledown Shawl from Fyperspates Fairy Wings in Forestry.  Joined Loopy Ewe Ravellenic Olympics 2014 with Hogwarts Express Shawl in Shibu Yarn.  And plan on doing at least one Cobweb by Boo Knits this in Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere Orchid with blush size 6 Miyuki beads.  I guess that is enough to keep my fairly busy specially while traveling for another major car show.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

And the knitting continues 2014 Jan

Staying busy still with knitting except for the two weeks over holiday when both myself and honey were really really sick.

Sweet Dreams by "Boo Knits" yarn  Smooshy in cashmere colorway "Chili" purchased from Loopy Ewe (liked the colorway so much that I ordered another skein for the Jan 2014 challenge mixed materials and made the Flaming on the Ritz shawl with orange beads) beads triangular size 5 in Gold

Another Boo Knits pattern in Cheshire Cat's  Unbirthday Colorway From Loopy Ewe with size 5 triangular beads purchased from Fire Mountain

Boo Knits  Boo Humbug for Christmas made from Chalice in changeling by Solstice Yarns UK ( has her shop excellent service) with triangular size 5 beads purchased from Fire Mountain in Steel.

Working on a knitted tutu skirt for grand daughter, a Milo the Armadillo for grandson, another shawl this time for a niece, and a cardigan for myself. 

Heading out for car shows soon

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

November work done

Worked on all the sweaters and stuff intended as gifts.  Started wonderful projects with Boo Knits and Baby Cocktails on Ravelry. 
 September Morn designed by Baby Cocktails done in Nightscape colorway sold by Loopy Ewe.

 Resolute Spirit design by Boo Knits colorway Ghost by DFY

September Morn Designed by Baby Cocktails colorway 1508 by Skacel yarn sold by Loopy Ewe

Currently on knitting needles is Central Park Hoodie, MKAL by Boo Knits, Sweet Dreams by Boo Knits.

Yes, I really do like Boo Knits and Baby Cocktail designs that much!

Monday, November 04, 2013

October's done

So, now is the time to catch up on what I managed to complete
This is unblocked but completed Morticia designed by Boo Knits and was a MKAL for October.  I loved working on this design and the finished shawl is HUGE (maybe a little too big my mistake)

Made for "Dahney" from Wow she wanted a dog sweater (small) size 24 months child's sweater with matching cap and fingerless gloves for her so when they went for a walk they all matched.

This is Heaven Scent another Boo Knits design done in Cool Lava (Dye for Yarn) that I did for the K-9 Show (Mohave County K-9) silent auction.
Another Heaven Scent in "spring garden" a merino and silk combo.  This will be Daughter's Christmas present
Promise me design by Boo Knits yarn merino and silk Midnight Rainbow/Harlot's Peacock
this one I will be blocking later.  As first attempt at lace work not bad.  Better now, this is in Your Mom Knits plum

Still working on several additional items and joined a KAL for September Morn in Nightwatch by dream in color.