Monday, August 05, 2013

Summer Camp at Loopy Ewe

What A great summer.  Got an invite to Loopy Ewe's Summer Camp that runs between June and End of August.  1st month was new to you yarn and new pattern so, used emerald sockuptus yarn in Holden pattern.
Then the July challenge was project completed 1000 or queued 1000 yardage 570 and boy oh boy did I end up with some awesome patterns.  Choose the Gemini in Cascade Fixation Lime Spray
Liked the pattern so much did it up again for myself in Mist
Put 75 patterns into my queue purchased a few for my library on line and Purchased a book with Central Park Hoodie and many other patterns.  From the book did a sweater for Gracie
A sweater for Sarah
A friend saw Gracie's sweater and wanted one for herself in Peach (cascade again).
Finally, in July did Driftwood in Cascade pistachio and sand for Stepdaughter.
On needles is the projects for August Tempest in shamilar breather slag, black truffle; Bailey's Irish Cream in Loden (shamilar berathless); Central Park hoodie in Madeline Tosh Vintage Thyme, and Scarlet Dreams for second hoodie.  Still have upwards 72 patterns for sweaters I want to do plus a bunch of ideas.

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