Friday, July 03, 2009

Welcome Tour~

Welcome to Scarves for All Reasons

Our model is Rachel she is especially good at modeling scarves.

My husband and I moved to our present home in 2003. We are 4,000 ft above sea level and live on 103 acres. No we don't farm the acreage, its open range land and we let the cows wander as they will. We do have to be careful of snakes and usually see at least 4 a season.

In 2004, I started Scarves for All Reasons and would claim the business as a small success. I did trade shows including a 14 day show at the Barrett-Jackson Car Auction in 2006. With my location so isolated I find trade shows difficult to schedule and get to, so have removed them from our business plan.

I joined Ravelry last year and found two excellent groups. One is the cyber store group (which is the sponsor of this tour) and the other is World of Warcraft.
Thank you for visiting.

Karen Austin


Texasknitster said...

Howdy from Texas. I stopped by as part of the Blog tour and wanted to say that Rachel is pretty but that scarf is even prettier and very unique. I like it alot! What is it knit from and how is it that the colors hide down in the center? Is that just the yarn? Thanks for sharing your site with us today. Lucy (aka texasknitster)

Scarves For All Reasons said...

Texasknitster, sorry that I had posted before leaving to the lake.
Lions Brand Fancy Fur it is the ugliest yarn in the skein and doesnt look as if it would knit up well at all. Used a size 13 needle and double strands co 11 st.