Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I joined Ravelry last year and meet some wonderful people. In the process I met the people and businesses that are participating in a blog tour this month.

Today, is Dodge Creations a business I have purchased yarns from (they were wonderful) in the past year. She works with several designers (nope I am not one of them) and her blogspot is a fun read. Her Website is a very clear concise site with prompt shipping.

Tomorrow on the tour is Fiber Dreams an incredibly talented designer. Her lace shawls are a delight to the eyes and her fan club is HUGE.

July 3rd is Scarves for all reasons.

July 4th is Desert Rose Designs

July 5th is Sandra Singh

July 6th is Miss Babs


Stormy said...

Found you via Dodge Creations blog tour. Sorry so late (internet trouble) but still wanted to stop by and glad I did. Nice blog! Well written and enjoyable to read. Look forward to visiting again! Thank You!

Scarves For All Reasons said...

Thank you kindly for visiting. I appreciate the drop by anytime.