Thursday, June 25, 2009

Random Thoughts on Design Structures

This is a custom dyed New Zealand Wool Yarn 180 yards per skein. Total amount of yarn is 1,620 yd. (being concerned that with a texture stitch I would need more)and chocolate New Zealand yarn for the ribbing, cuffs, and front closure. Total yardage is 2,340 more than enough for an extra large men's sweater.
The request is from a friend in Quebec for a hooded sweater that zips up the front similar to his daughter's sweater.

The following measurements are what I request to do project:

wrist (around the wrist)
chest (nipple height)
waist (one inch above belly button)
hips (around largest area of butt)

From nape of neck(the little bone that protrudes at the base of the neck on the back) to wrist (for arm length)
From the nape of the neck to where the customer wants the length of the sweater (example waist, hips, butt, thigh, etc.)

neck measurement (around the base of the neck like a collar)
for a hood measurement from collar bone to collar bone over the head.

The next step is to roll all the yarn, label the storage bag, and begin a test swatch for the number of stitches per inch a particular pattern might use.

I usually pull out several size needles and run up the test swatches on 20 stitches, for at least 2 inches. With this yarn the needles that made up the best swatch was a 5 using a broken rib stitch. I wanted the texture to strongly compete with the colors so the two together presented a very warm fall appearance.

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