Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Update for my friends and visitors

Just when I think that life will slow down and I will catch my breath a speed limit increase occurs.

On April 15th wehn I last posted and thought that I would begin to have the time to update this blog at least once or twice a month. Instead, April 22nd my girlfriend and I started 2 paladins in WoW on Moonguard (they are level 52 as of monday). All of our guild stays very busy and active in Wow so Blessingsbe stays busy also. This week is the Midsummer Festival and everyone is online and trying it out.

I tried "The Age of Conan" online and I hated it. Has of today the entire program is deleted from my system. Not going there again. In case you are wondering what I hated. They were constantly uploading new program ... I am on a satelitte connection limited to a download of 375mb per day. When they maxed me out 3 times and caused me to HAVE NO INTERNET ACCESS for those days. I am not happy.
Also, the big tada is the interaction with NPC's (nothing new reminded me of Ultima), the fact you can get naked (why would I want that?). Game was choppy, limited, sticky (as in your character get stuck and cant move) buggy, and NOT HELPFUL

Meanwhile, here I am not really knitting a lot and suddenly getting orders for my patterns, scarves, off the shoulder sweater, and a sweater coat for a good friend
So, I am knitting, on Ravelry.com (that is really a lot of fun), doing car shows with the honey, cleaning house, and re reading Catherine Asaro's Skolian Empire series.

The picture below is for TYOU of our guild she loves the 1960's version of the VW. This was in the Prescott Car Show June 14th.

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