Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Its That Time Again... de stashing my hoard

Well, I have listed on ebay (seller name is kvaustin) many of my Noro yarns. I will be listing more over the next few weeks. Storage will become a problem if I don't plus the honey needs hotrod parts!!! Most of the listings will be Noro Kureyon, Sumile Multi, and the Silk Garden products. All are great to knit and wear!

Second, Its the anniversary of The Way of the Warrior on Moon Guard so we are busy planning advents! This friday we are doing the FP's of the Eastern Kingdom the hard way Running the whole way. Epiaa finally made lvl 65 and the Twins made 58! So, very busy with WoW, and looking forward to Wrath of the Lich King in November.

Its August soon (friday) and we have been going to Lake Mead more often now that we down sized our boat from 32 feet to 20 feet. We can get the boat in and out of the water! Poor RD is so use to rolling around on the hatch of the 32 foot boat she fell off the new boat twice so I really have to keep an eye on her.

Still working on catergoizing my coins and looking for the information regarding the country to fill in the blanks on my various collections. Argentina is where I am currently! Its time consuming but soooooo much fun.

Please, If Danielle stops by leave me a note. Also, looking to reach Sarah K. and Isabelle. Best wishes to all of you.

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Sta12s said...

Hey Momomomom!!!

I'm alive! Good to see you are too ;)

Ayla just made it to 60 - yahoo!!

Everything is going pretty good over her. I need to give you a call soon!

Love you bunches!!!