Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15th day

Well its April 15th and yes my taxes are done and I paid taxes this year PFFFFFFFt.

I know that the Nightly Business Review, and the talking heads say that we are in a recession and that it could be a deep one. But, here are the recent observations I have made:
1. There are several new homes being build again. There is a large home being build in the middle of nowhere. New home starts in Kingman are rising.
2. No beggars on the street corners
3. Starbucks opened their own store not one inside a Safeway (we have both here)
4. Although peoples manners are not good there are a few more smiles than frowns.

I know this isnt very scientific way of measuring the "recession" but, it works for me. Like everyone else I am being careful with our funds, not expanding any of our ideas right now, and watching the talking heads.

We went north to Sebastopol a couple of weeks ago, visited friends and family. Had a nice time. The weather was nice a bit of fog in the morning but otherwise not bad.
Went shopping with my daughter and as always had a good time. Brought some nice summer clothes for me but no purse as I couldnt bring myself to pay 189.00 for apurse I didnt even like.

As for Moon Guard and TWOTW lets have a wonderful week.
Hope all of you are well.

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