Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Catching Up With The World

Well, came on by the house (guy was out of Phoenix and did a service call in Winslow first) put a new antenna up and a new modem in the house. Modem in the house will have a problem come spring with moths that get in the house being attracted to the blue lights. So, many of the machines in the house emit light at night. Coffee maker has enough green light emitting that I don't have to turn on lights to see my way into the bedroom.

Sunday, the local newspaper (Kingman Daily Miner) published in the business section a very nice article by Jennifer Bartlett concerning my internet business I really enjoyed the article and quite a few people from Kingman have dropped by the blogspot (google analytics).

Still making socks. Finished the set of size 10.5 womens, moving on to the size 15 mens, then finally size 12 double e womens. Also, designing a cotton tank top for spring/summer.

Hope you have a wonderful week.

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