Friday, January 19, 2007

Crazy week

Monday morning early I posted to the blog regarding the fun fur beanies and that I had finished 2 more pairs of socks. Logged off the system, and 2 hours later came back to NO INTERNET ACCESS. I am totally dependent on satelitte dish from Hughes net to get to the internet. Called and spent 2 hours with "help" desk. They sent me to a higher up tech who said I needed even more help. So, it has been strange using a 2800kps access to even read my email never mind any good stuff. Last night at 7 pm (which is very late for me as I am up by 5 every morning) they called to walk me thru doing a frequency re-set. They wanted to dial in to fix problem and I informed them that we have no land lines for them to dial into the system. Then they were going to send tech help out to house........ I informed them that tech help in our area is from Las Vegas, NV or Phoenix AZ and can take up to 3 weeks to get here. Scheduling problems. Anyway, I am temporarily (sp) fixed.

In the meantime I started 2 more pairs of socks, 2 lovely shawls from Mystical Creation Yarns wool/silk and got my research books for the penny collection.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend with the playoffs and the Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, I really need to update it!
Glad that your internet is up and running, it sounds like a pain to deal with because of not having any land lines.