Thursday, January 25, 2007

For Isabelle....DaySky in Arizona

This view is from the front door looking East. The funny looking peak is actually called Austin Peak. No it wasn't name for my husband or I. We didn't even know that was the name of the mountain (6,000ft) when we brouht the property in 1994. We started building our home in 2002 and the builder said "Did you know that is Austin Peak?" We thought he was pulling our leg so bought the geological survey maps of this area. Sure enough its Austin Peak.

This picture was taken for Isabelle..... she loves to take pictures of the sky.


Tricotine said...

WOW!!! What a beautiful blue sky, Karen, thanks! :-)

What is in front of the photo? cars?

Scarves For All Reasons said...

Yes, those are pieces of old cars that my husband uses to rebuild other cars. He currently has a 1951 Ford Four Door, 1950 Ford 2 door, 1960 Ford Starliner, 2- 1953 Kaiser Manhattans (he is rebuilding one for me to drive) a 1963 Ford truck, 1976 Ford tractor, 1999 Ford F250, 2004 F150 King Ranch, and my car is a Lincoln go figure.

Knitcrazy said...

Beautiful Photo Karen.....

Thanks for putting your "link" for your Blog like that... It was the eaasiest thing I have put in my sidebar... Cool !!!