Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It isnt that I am not busy....

Sorry for the delay in posting.  Seems time just slips away from me.
New name on the etsy shop  www.etsy.com/shop/karenscreativeknits  Will be starting the Christmas dresses for little girls in the next few weeks.  Mostly plaids.

Finished and Deb at Dodge Creations has a new fingerless glove of lace leaves in sage green
www.dodgecreations.com I love designing things for Deb's site and hope to have some new items for her soon.

Meanwhile I joined ArtYarns on both twitter and Ravelry and started Iris' Garter Sand and Sun shawl in greys (go figure Sun and Sand in grey).
July was busy getting ready to do the shake down cruise with our new Camper by (c) Lance Camper.  We drove up 99 to Fresno spent a few days visiting "Grandpa Bob" then continued up 99 to 5 all the way to Shingletown and visited friends of Ron's.  Drove to Susanville and picked up 395 and drove thru parts of Nevada and back into California.  Stayed overnight in Mono Lake area then drove to 58 and 40 to home again.   LOVE the Camper a lot, comfortable easy to use and Ron said it was easy to drive.

August saw us traveling again off and on visited the Kaiser which will make her debut at Scottsdale Good Guys show then on to the Grand Nationals In Pomona then to Sacramento CA.  Not sure what else she will attend.  Ron's bucket list has had the Grand Nationals on it for a long time so he is very excited!

September saw us both getting ready for winter with Ron having to re do the driveway 3 times because of heavy rainfall.  The road has been washed out 3 times also due to flash floods.  Oh well, we needed the rain.  Looking forward to 9/25/12 and The Mists of Pandarian on WoW.

On a side note Happy Birthday wishes to my dearest friend online PHIIR  hoping this is an excellent year for you.


Tom Matew said...

I would like to buy the same one for my doughter.


Scarves For All Reasons said...

Please contact me for item you wish to purchase. Unless, its already made and available at etsy.com/shop/karenscreativeknits