Monday, June 04, 2012

Catch up posting

On April 28th 2012 my beautiful daughter and son in law had a little boy. They named him Bryce Shaw he is healthy and happy. His older sister Sofie is delighted to have a baby brother. I had a lovely time visiting and helping out until I got a head cold. Drove home praying Charlie and I would make it safely. Then went down for the count for almost 2 weeks very very sick. Meanwhile, received a phone call from the Dallas Veterans Hospital saying the my brother Joseph Stephen Blackshaw had passed away May 14th. I paid for a funeral and internment in the North Dallas National Cemetery where he was interned with full military honors for his service to our country.

My husband and I drove to Las Cruces New Mexico to deliver the car hauler and then home again up Rte 25 to just below Albuquerque took Rte 6 to I 40 due to Rte 25 being closed on all lanes.  We have been researching truck campers and have decided to have built and 2013 Lance Model 1181.  Looking forward to planning our first trip to Bisbee AZ.

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