Thursday, March 15, 2012

Warning about Chicken Jerky

This is R.D. (RadioDogg) she is the last of our minature schnauzer girls and up until 2 1/2 month ago was lively, happy, active and a real joy to have around. Then we started noticing that she was "lost" for a little while mentally. Then she began having what I call seizures wandering around in short disconnected circles, bending down over her paws, unable to rest these episodes were at first only a few minutes but were scaring me. Called my vet to be sure of their hours as R.D.'s mom Nikki had passed away from a brain seizure. I vaguely remembered someone (probably my Vet) who had said something is wrong with chicken jerky treats so on an off chance that the yam wrapped chicken treats "WAGGIN" were the problem I removed them from R.D.'s and Charlie's diet. It is 1 1/2 weeks later and R.D. is healthly active, happy, joyful. She isnt having any mental stutters or pauses, no seizures. So, I wanted to warn anyone who reads this blog and has a dog "Waggin" products do not say made in china on the bag. The bag says manufactured in Il. But, my groomer looked up the products last night and they are made in China. I have been so careful to read the bags and not purchase products made in china. Beware of the chicken jerky products (read like a halloween goblin)

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TriPom Chews said...

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