Thursday, March 01, 2012

Summary of February

Some of the items completed I did take picture but most I didnt. Finished a fleece blanket for grandson to be and 5 swaddling blankets for same.
listed on the pattern is available thru made several pairs of baby socks, a yellow knitted blanket and a purple quilted blanket as baby gifts for Leanna. Started working on little girls dresses again made polka dot dress, tiny polka dot dress
gift for sofie
listed on entwined fingerless gloves (long) listed on and pattern at
Two dresses for my daughter (she's in her final 2 months of pregnancy). Cleaned and re-organized my office, beads, knitting needles. Made a pair of socks for myself. red fingerless gloves listed on
started my march work already with another pair of red fingerless gloves, a pair of golden entwined fingerless gloves, and a lace light sage in zephyr wool/silk yarn fingerless gloves. All patterns are with Dodge creations and will be on their site asap. Will let you know when. thanks for dropping by.

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