Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Update for my friends

Well, we are already into March of 2008. Where oh where is time going so fast? It was just yesterday (many moons ago) and now its tomorrow.

This year has been interesting so far. January was cold and we got some moisture but the drought is still hanging in there. We also decided to finally rearrange our office into just an office instead of a 2nd guest room and office. So, we have room for both of us to work, keep my research books handy, and all my documents in file cabinets.

February, was the Kaiser Car and we got a radio, looked into various upgrades for the car. We are still waiting for the 1951 Ford to be far enough along for a visit. We are now registered for the Route 66 Fun Run and looking forward to the start of the Starliner's car shows.

March, is exciting first as my daughter and her husband are coming for a visit. Second cause we may be going to visit Ron's son and family. Still waiting for the last of our tax documents to arrive so I can file tax return.

The biggest thing I am working on now is trying to understand the administration of the website. So far I dont know how to do anything and I get a headache trying to manage the data.

Again, for those of you who wander over here from Moon Guard Epiaa and Blessingsbe say hello and good questing.

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