Saturday, October 06, 2007

Catching Up with friends

Well, I have let an entire month go by without communicating with you. I would apologize but its been wonderfully busy and happy time so I am sorry I didn't share with you faster.

September has passed by in a blur of fast motion. Car Shows, Trips to Los Angeles, Trips to Phoenix, chores, phone calls, and all of lifes wonderful daily obiligations.

We have a new great granddaughter. Everyone is healthy! And its serious sock season again this year. I have been buying sock yarn and a lot of it of the last few years. My husband always wonders when it will be used up. This season I have made hot lava socks, mixed purples, ravenclaw design, and have 3 more orders for socks already. It is lovely, when we travel I take the socks with me and knit while my husband drives.

And finally, here are a few other words for friends from Wow.
Moon Guard, Epiaa, Alliance

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