Thursday, June 07, 2007

Still In Computer Jail

By, now I am ready to maim a computer techie. I brought a new Dell XPS 710 before we went north. I wasn't going to buy another Dell due to customer service. But, the deal was good and I was promised good service from sells guy (I should know better than to believe a sells guy). Anyway, everything that could go wrong did including machine couldn't shut off, couldn't down load from internet faster than 2kb/s, and Outlook 2007 YUCK. Plus the darn machine came with Vista and no manuals and I read the darn manuals. I called for help and hit the India help desk whose advice was to reformat the the hard drive. Now, I have had a computer at home of various brands and sizes since PC Jr. and I know better than to reformat a hard drive. Well, I received in the mail a different phone number to use for tech support and talked to a wonderful real tech support person named Michael. After 2 1/2 hours we could download data at a decent speed, use Outlook 2007, but couldn't do a shut off. But, its okay. Plus, Michael helped me with my Dim. 8250 getting memory so that we can get our pictures, patterns, and spreadsheets from one machine to the other.

I am still working on the caroseul sweater for my friend Sharyn. I hope to finish it this month. I also hope I never have to do another. Beautiful sweater but, on size 3 needles ......... forever work.

Have a great weekend.

Karen and family

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Sta12s said...

So happy you got your machine running!! Meachel should call and help me with my PC o0

To make ya feel better, I bought Mom a iMac last year for Mother's Day and we have to call tech support every 3 months or so because it runs so slow. They told us to un-plus the machine to reset it - can you believe that?? It's a MAC, it's supposed to run well - but NOOOO. So we're fighting with them to get her a new one.

Anyhoos - XOXOXOX your way Momomom - blessed be all the ones you love!! Adore you!!