Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hearing from GOOD Friends

Years ago, in a "land far away" I worked with two excellent people. We have all moved on to different careers in different states, and we still stay in touch by, phone, email, and visits.

"terrilynn" has had her books accepted for publication. The publishing house asked that she set up a website. So I wanted to put the connection here on my blog.
to read an excerpt from terrilynn's first book

Meanwhile, still having difficulties with the computer system and the work it should be doing instead of what it isn't. So, for all the friends who wondered where I was.... in computer jail.
Cookie.... prayers are still going your way.
Sarah..... hidee ho.
Tricotine..... have lots of fun with mom
Danielle....hope everything is well.

all the rest have a really good BLUE MOON

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Sta12s said...

It's McGaffee - I used a friend's computer this weekend (it was an HP) that had Vista on it and it worked just fine.

Hope you had a great weekend!!