Monday, April 23, 2007

In Memory Weekend

This weekend was a difficult weekend for our family. Linda, Ron's sister died on April 22, 2004 from lung cancer. We have had a lot of cancer related deaths in our family so today I want to remember them
Uncle George prostate cancer 1993
Aunt Deedee breast cancer 1998
Uncle Ted brain cancer 1999
Beverly breast cancer/bone cancer 2000
Mike stomach cancer 2002
Betty brain cancer 2004
Linda lung cancer 2004
Cancer is a very real problem for our family and one we live with daily. The lost of our love ones is very painful. We remember each one with love. The gazebo created by Ron is where many of them rest in peace. Ron and I sit out there with our morning coffee and talk over our plans. We have many other deaths in our family but, these are the ones that hurt the most.
May faith walk with you and yours today and all days.

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Tricotine said...

Beautiful memorial! What a wonderful place to rest in peace... :-)

I am a Cancer Survivor myself...