Saturday, April 21, 2007

Designing Shrugs

Started two different shrugs in the small (size 34) size so that I could finish them a little sooner than designing the original in size 1x. But, this morning I have to go the frog pond for three inches... very unhappy with the look.

This last week has been very busy. Interviewed for another client (bookkeeping) which is a couple of hours a month. Finished another bolero jacket, started another bolero jacket. Corrected the second christmas sock design now I just need to re-knit the socks. Jesse's socks he wants the ribbing to be 12" long now, so back to size 1 knitting needles for another pair of Jesse socks, maybe this time will be a different house design. Finished silk/wool socks (Regia yarn) size 8 for another friend.

Received in the mail this week Dangles yarn, 10 skeins of royal blue alpaca yarn, and some incredible new colors from MCY. No, I can't show you pictures of the yarn as I have to design, knit, and submit it first. I ordered a few other skeins of yarn that well, I won't re-order from them.

Place a huge order for KPPPM multis from Kyarns and Patternworks. Nothing like overwhelming list of projects yet to do.


Sta12s said...

Wow - busy busy busy!!

I got some pictures of Jesse in his socks :) They fit incredibly well. I don't know what he's whinnying about, but I can guaranty he'll whine aout anything ;)

It's gloomy here in Seattle today - it's been pretty nice over-all though. Hopefully the cloud cover will burn off in time for Jesse's friend's b-day party. She's turning 30 and having a "princess" themed party int he park with a 2 tiered castle cake and castle bounce house o0 I'll be sure to get plenty of photos of that for you as well!!


Tricotine said...

You sure were busy, busy! :-)

Yet you have found time to send me a gorgeous get well card... so lovely card!

I love you, Sistah! :-)))