Saturday, March 17, 2007

Home again finally!

We just returned from Northern California (Sebastopol) where we went to

a) Visit Tax Woman for 2007
b) Visit Broker Man for 2007
c) Visit Daughter for birthday 2007
d) Visit Step Granddaughter for birthday 2007
e) WORK for client (bookkeeping)
f) Pick up new "old" car for husbands shop project
g) Visit Step Son and Family
h) Buy Coins.

Got everything but the last item done. The coin shop I like to visit was closed for the day. So, I didn't buy the 1885 Liberty Nickel I wanted to get for my collection of nickels. It is the only one of the Liberty Nickels I am missing. Still working on the Buffalo Nickel collection as I want full dates, and I am only missing 2 of the shield nickels.

Daughter loved her custom designed tank top that I made for MCY. Pattern will be available thru MCY later this week. Did the old clients books, and visited with Eddie who also collects coins.

Everyone is doing well in the family and we had a good time. Really glad to be home where the temps are 88 degrees this week. We will be cooling off next week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful St. Patty's day

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