Friday, March 09, 2007

Again with something not knitted

This is a petit point Eagle the canvas is 32 stitches to the inch. This project took me 7 years to complete.

Now, for odd stuff. I visited Tricotine today to thank her for the Maine Lobster knitting on top of a trap. While there I visited a Knitters Geek Site. No, I don't remember the link sorry. But, here is to my limited translation skills my knitting geekery.

KER$+++ EXP++ SPM+++ Addi+, Steel@, Cot+, Lux+++, Wool,++ Syn, Nov Stash++ Scale+++
FIN++ ENT FI Int Tex, Lace FLAT, CIRC@ DPN+ Swatch- KIP BLOG FO 2007 21, WIP3 GAUGE S, DK Q+ EM+

Seems an odd way to communicate.

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Scarlett said...

That knitter's code came from some issue of

That is an awesome peice of crossstitch. I used to cross stitch but no longer have the eyes for it. I admire the work you put into that.