Saturday, October 14, 2006

Snow Storms

Wow! Snow this early and so much oh dear. If you need a nice warm scarf and hat check out the Galaxy line at We also have nice wool beanies and wool and silk scarves in lovely fall colors. We have nice merino wool cabled scarves and a lovely dark forest green cabled scarf.

Halloween is coming and we have pumpkin faux fur scarves, and several nice brown or black faux fur stoles.

Need warm socks? Try our sock section for a purple, or red socks.

We are at 3900 feet above sea level so we didn't get snow but, it rained here which is a very big deal as we have been in a drought for 7 to 10 years. Hopefully, this year will change that ... but, we haven't need airconditioning for 1 month, and my husband has the heater on already. We live in Arizona....but, not the Phoenix area.

Have a great weekend
Karen Austin

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