Sunday, September 17, 2006

Traveling earth

Good Morning. Spent yesterday morning running into Kingman for groceries and mail, but prior to leaving I was emailing Astrid from Astrids Dutch Obsessions about life in general and she sent me a placemark for a google earth program. So of course I had to try it out. Well, I could send her a placemark in the general area of our house but, the satellite pictures in my area haven't been updated since 1994. But, before I knew they had not been updated I told her to look for the gazebo on the left. My husband built that entirely The stained glass roof and sides are protected with Lexan as we get wind gushes up to 75+ miles a hour. We have lost the leading edge of our roof 3 times. The program earth. google is really cool I "flew" around earth a bit trying to find things I have read about and friends homes.

Finished the commissioned vest yesterday. I am very pleased with it and will post some pictures as soon as it is light out. Have a wonderful day where ever you are....Karen Austin ScarvesForAllReasons

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