Monday, September 18, 2006

Anne McCaffrey and searching blogs

I have a thought that has been rambling around in my brain for the last few weeks. A short story written by Anne McCaffrey in the mid 80's (?) in which the heroine figures out the class assignment regarding old computer files. As I wander from blog to blog the memory of this short story sticks with me the problem is although I have a great deal of her books for some reasons I am missing this anthology. If you can remember the title of the story or book and tell me I would appreciate it great.

On to other stuff. Finished another mohair/wool sparkly shawl for the website. It is a dark red, and start a triangluar shawl in cotton and silk yarn in bright and happy colors. Then finish the dog sweater from a nice wool.

The only other item of note here is that it is cold in the am (54 degrees) which for september 18th in Northern Arizona that's cold. Husband is wearing his sweats.

Have a wonderful day
karen austin

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