Sunday, June 27, 2010

....and life continues

This is the matching sweater for the grandbaby. Probably should ask Deb at Dodge creations if she wants the pattern.

Finished the black socks, white socks, the mens dress socks, scarf for daughter in cotton, almost finished the back to mens sweater in New Zealand yarn.

Beloved Heya is slowing down even more she doesnt have much longer here with us.

As of June 24th I have stopped World of Warcraft. With my life on fast lane travel I havent been able to log in to say hi! The new patch went awful and I couldnt get logged in plus I had 6 attempts to get my information. So, I have resigned from WoW place Epiaa and BB with friends and uninstalled Azeroth from my computer. To all my friends and neighbors thanks for a wonderful adventure!


ps PHIIR: Best Beloved Friend Wave

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