Monday, April 30, 2007

Mr Tricotine Size 11 Dress Socks

Actually on the second sock at the toe decreases. Mr. Tricotine wears a size 11 mens sock. I have ordered a more golden yellow sock yarn for the Griffindor Socks. These remind me more of King Snakes coloring.



Diana said...

You're an incredibly fast knitter!!! I've checked archives and am amazed at what you've done! Wow, a designer too! Looks like a home business is in your future!

Growing up we were stationed at Luke AFB! I have a friend now near Tuscon. Great state! Being in the middle of nowhere appeals to me.

Tricotine said...

Beautiful socks! Thank you, Karen! :-)

PS: You sure knit fast! LOL

Tricotine said...

Mr Tricotine just read your post and that made him laught out loud, Karen! Thanks! :-)

BTW, he finds the socks awesome! :-))

Tricotine said...

THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, KAREN!!!! Mister Tricotine LOVES his new socks!!! YOU are such an AMAZING LADY!!!

Luv'ya, Sistah! Mwah!!!