Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Measurements for the Socks

Several people wanted the measurements for the Jesse Hufflepuff socks and the materials list. So, here we go
Opal Uni Black yarn 500 meters per skein
Fortissmo Sock Yarn 500 meters per skein
Camelia Yellow yarn 250 meter per skein
Size 1 knitting needles (6 dpn)
Cast on 20 stitches per needles 4 times for a total of 80 stitches and join without twisting. Knit for 2" with black yarn in a knit 2, purl 2 rib. The 4 rows of Fortissmo Sock yarn (in white and gray) 4 rows of black, 1 1/2" yellow, 4 rows of black, 4 rows of Fortissmo, and the 5" of black ribbing. Begin heel with 1" of stocking stitch, then do the round heel. Finish the heel and knit the foot ( 9 1/2") then begin toe decreases 1 on 4th row, 2 on 3, 3 on 2, 4 on 1, 8 on every row, until 8 stitches remain. Do the weaving how ever you choose.

Jesse is 6'7" which is the reason the ribbing is so long and he has a size 15 double e foot which is why it is 20 stitches per needle.

Hope you enjoy.
p.s. For My Dear Friend Isabelle:
prayers are winging their way to you

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