Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Driving to Lake Mead

The mountain in forefront is Bonelli, and the cliffs in the distance are the Grand Wash Cliffs part of the .

These are hills outside of . Trying to share our hills versus Maine's hills. We are headed to on . The weather is hazy so my pictures are only good for about 15 to 30 miles.

This view is from turn off to the water is down in but it is still beautiful.

The drive takes about 2 hours one way so I worked on another pair of socks. I found a lovely lady who likes baby socks so I now have a way to use the end of skeins from socks. Today, is a run into Kingman day and meet with a client who wants sweaters knitted, afghans made etc. Busy Busy. IT IS FINALLY RAINING HERE!!!Thank God
Have a wonderful day. karen

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