Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Spirit

You can't see the lights well but, the tree is dressed up for the season. I am almost done with the last of the christmas presents. Today, my husband and I have to attend a Mohave County Zoning Board meeting. Why? The next door neighbor (1 mile from house) is trying to start a swap meet. Oh, exciting? Well, there's no police, no fire dept, the emergency services within 30 miles of property. There is only a dirt road (not unusual for Arizona) with no trash service ... no postal service, and no phones. So, not the safest thing to do with property.

Tomorrow, I am driving back into town to see some friends and wish them well for the holidays. Then I would go back into town until next Monday or Tuesday for the mail.

So, Happy Holidays!


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Fire and Rain said...

thank you! the entry was actually a work in visit it again from time to time....have lots of nics pics of the island ..;) will upload them soon!