Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hand winding yarn

September 8th, what a beautiful day outside. We have had thunderstorms every evening this week and some rain which we very badly needed. The down side is that the Satellite dish for TV got fried. Not the Satellite dish for the computer, just the TV one. So yesterday, my husband spent time trying to figure out what was wrong, while I ran into town for the mail (town is 30 miles one way). I received some new yarns from Mystical Creation Yarns, so last night watching a DVD I wound the yarn into balls to work from while knitting.

What is so beautiful here in Northern Arizona is the wide variety of winged life that flies. We had a large black and yellow butterfly flitting over the yard and I heard hawks so got up to see them and saw three Red Tail Hawks in the sky. Sometimes we see military helicopters, and other people made planes but, mostly lovely birds.

I am almost done with a commissioned piece a long vest in Woodlands by Prism Yarns, then I can start on the new colors from Mystrical Creation Yarns, and Trendsetter Dune Shawls.

Have a wonderful weekend enjoy life

Karen Austin

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