Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Enchantment Scarf

Just a quick note regarding the new yarns from Mystical Creation Yarns in New Mexico. Danielle hand paints these yarns and her color choices are incredible. I have her newest addition which is a bulky silk and wool yarn. You can find pictures on site for Enchantment, Eclipse, and Juicy. I received in today's mail several other colors and she is designing for me to use a grey, black and red. She is also the creator of the merino line which is the Goldenhawk scarf, Rosebud scarf, and the Classic scarf. I have additional colors on the way to also.

The lovely yellow mohair scarf using Be Sweet Yarn, is spun, dyed, and sold by South Africian women the yarn is lovely and the yellow scarf is delicate looking but, easy to care for and wear. You can read more about Be Sweet Yarn here.

I enjoy working with yarn and knitting. I am always looking for new yarns and textures. Even though I live in Arizona where summer reigns supreme for at least 8 months I still knit. I enjoy making socks, scarves, shawls, ponchos, sweaters, jackets, and beanies. The sweaters and jackets are special order espeically if they are Fishermen sweaters.

That's all for now - Karen Austin

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