Friday, September 22, 2006

1635 Cannon Law

Being busy knitting I picked up the mail on Wednesday where much to my delight lots of yarn and ERIC FLINT's novel 1635 Cannon Law written with Andrew Dennis.

No spoilers allowed ... one disappointment is that the book with David Weber 1634 The Baltic War has not been published yet and this book makes reference to it. Bummer.... so we don't know how/when Rita, Tom, Melissa, etc. escaped from London 1634.

The book was in places difficult in the same way as 1634 Gallielo Affairs was but, again the characters starting arriving and reacting in their alotted ways and the fun/story began to really move. This is a wake up and think wow that really changes history.

I really like Eric Flint's books... of course if you like David Weber.... comments about 1635 or any of the books would be great.

So, I finished the book and of course finished Black Forest Scarf, and am working Cappucino scarf these are the yarns by Mystical-Creation-Yarns.

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